Tyger Valley College

PEC - Parents Events Committee

TVC is growing up, as is our PTA, and we felt it was time to rebrand / rename the PTA (often thought of as a fundraising vehicle; or a conduit to school management for governance issues) to better reflect what we do:
– Involve parents in our children’s school, sporting and cultural events
– Provide opportunities to get to know your TVC community through family and parent events

Please welcome your Parents’ Events Committee (PEC) for 2018:
High School Chair – Diana Georgiades assisted by Marli Wilken
Senior Prep Chair – Adebisi Asemota
Junior Prep Chair – Cathy Gravell
Pre Prep Chair – Kate Brown
Treasurer – Chantal Pather
Secretary – Karen van Breukelen

PEC- Events

Here are some of the exciting events that have been planned for 2018:

  • First PEC Meeting of 2018 – 30 January 2018 @16h00 in Prep Hall
  • TVC Anniversary Picnic & Open Air Movie Night – 16 February 2018

About Us

Tyger Valley College is a member of the Centurus Colleges Group that brings together exceptional resources in education and provides exciting, value-added components to the curriculum.

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