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Our mission is to teach children to enjoy water, to learn to swim and ultimately to be water safe.  Beginners need to develop the basic skills of water confidence, streamlining, recovery and propulsion. These skills need to be taught in an easy-to remember sequence. Once learned it forms the foundation for all future stroke development and can be reinforced as the strokes are further developed and refined. These basic mobility skills are of immense value to swimming at all levels of stroke development through to competitive swimming and lifesaving. We will ensure that the children achieve a high level of mobility in the aquatic environment.

The swimming program is built from years of experience, swimming and coaching locally as well as internationally. This includes coaching babies, adults, toddlers and also those with special needs. Our aim is to keep instruction simple and understandable. The most useful program comes from Baby Swimming (P.B.S.T.A.) which is the Professional Baby Swimming Teaching Association. They train infant / toddler swimming instructors and encourage interaction with fellow swimming instructors, enabling them to share knowledge and ideas thus promoting communication and unity.

Our Method

  • – Using tender loving care
  • – Adopting age appropriate skills
  • – By routine and repetition
  • – With ongoing progression
  • – By rewarding different levels of achievement

Specialized Skills

  • – Water orientation
  • – Water awareness
  • – Safety skills in and around the water
  • – Swimming skills in preparation for the swimming strokes
  • – Breath-control through familiarising the child with voluntary submersion by means of verbal, physical and visual cues prior to submersion
  • – Anxiety will be eliminated, with time and patience
  • – Confidence will be developed, trust will be maintained and breath control will be learned.

About Us

Tyger Valley College is a member of the Centurus Colleges Group that brings together exceptional resources in education and provides exciting, value-added components to the curriculum.

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