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Izitini Zolwazi – or the Izzi Trust – is a registered Section 18A children’s charity whose philosophy centres on empowerment through education. Our three main areas of activity are: providing bursaries for financially disadvantaged children; running outreach programmes at underprivileged schools and creches; and encouraging and facilitating environmental, cultural and academic events that bring together children from our country’s many different economic and social groups.

For more information regarding our bursary and outreach programmes or if you would like to assist us in any way, please contact Frith Wesley on 083 4667386 / 012 6651147 email frith@izzitrust.co.za or visit http://www.izzitrust.co.za

Please use the link below to view the latest Izzi Trust Newsletter:

Tyger Valley College conducts many different types of outreach related projects throughout the year

The following is achieved through this worthwhile initiative:

  • Reaching out to those less fortunate
  • Interaction and Awareness
  • Eco Related Projects
  • Upliftment of our Community

For more information on Tyger Valley College Outreach please contact Mrs L Meiring.
Tel: 073 067 4754 Fax: 086 590 3548 Email: admin@tygervalleycollege.co.za


In the spirit of Mandela Day, Tyger Valley College again hosted Boschkop Pimary School for a day of fun. Thanks to many generous sponsorships the Boschkop pupils received sling bags filled with juice, soup, space cases, stationery, snacks and more. The pupils were divided between the JP classes and took part in joint art projects. The Tyger Valley College pupils helped the Boschkop pupils to make beautiful collaged South African flags which included a photo of each child on his placemat. This was laminated and sent home with our guest school. The pupils contributed to a packed lunch for each Boschkop pupil and all received a cupcake for Madiba’s birthday.

A most successful and rewarding day was enjoyed by all.


Our Senior Preparatory children generously donated more than 500 reading books to the Boschkop Primary School library. These were very well received by the children at Boschkop. Mandela Day was celebrated with our Grade 5 children enjoying a morning of reading, sharing a picnic snack and playing soccer and Four Square with a group of Boschkop children. It was a very worthy visit, where our TVC children, once again, conducted themselves in a manner in which made TVC very proud.

Comments from some Grade 5 TVC children:

Liam : It was good to make new friends

Kerryn : I liked to see the big smiles on their faces.

Amy : I am glad that I packed a tasty treat for our Boschkop friends.

Dylan : We read about nature and animals. My partner loved this book.

Nathan : The Boschkop boys put us through our paces on the soccer field!

Carolina : It was fun to teach them how to play Four Square.



Tyger Valley College participate in four blood drives a year with the next one scheduled for the 4th October. Parents and staff are also encouraged to join their children in donating blood.


The bi-annual feeding scheme took place on Tuesday 18 June 2013 at Boschkop Primary School. Springs Care are in charge of packing the meals that contain a well-balanced combination of protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and vitamins. The Grade 12 group were in charge of handing out the packs to all the children at Boschkop before they break up for the winter holiday. Due to Boschkop Primary running a feeding scheme at school, the meal packs are beneficial for the children during the holiday otherwise they go unfed.

The Santa Shoebox initiative began in May 2013. All high school students have been tasked to put together a Santa Shoe box by the end of October this year. Every month a different item needs to be brought to school, to be placed in the gift box. Every Tyger Valley learner has been assigned to a Lesedi High School recipient of same gender and age. The gift boxes get distributed to the recipients before the end of the year. The collection point for gift items is the second last and last Friday of every month at Dr Elliott’s classroom.


As the hours of light in a day have shortened and the chilly winter days have arrived, we send out our greatest appreciation for all the beanies and scarves that were donated by the Tyger Valley College families for the Winter Warmer drive of 2013.
We have distributed the scarves and beanies to various organisations. The first hand out took place at the Pre-Prep Outreach day with Boschkop Primary School; the second hand out took place on Wed 5 June and the third hand out during the Preparatory assembly.

These were the following recipients with the number of scarves and beanies handed out:

  • Boschkop Primary School
    • Grade 0           – 120 children
    • Grade 1           – 130 children
    • Grade 2           – 89 children
  • President Kruger Children’s Home
    • 63 children
  • Paul Jungnickel Children’s Home
    • 10 children
  • TVC Support StaffKungwini Early Learning Centre
    • Ladies              – 8
    • Gentlemen      – 7
  • Zwavelpoort – 30 children


We are very proud to have been awarded our International Eco Flag. TVC has been working towards this goal since 2007 and this achievement is thanks to the tireless efforts of Mrs Marshall and her team of dedicated staff and pupils.


The different phases of the school were involved in different initiatives for Mandela day.

The preschool children focused on the problem of litter in our country and collected litter in the school grounds. Each child received a Mandela day badge and sang “Happy Birthday” to Mandela while holding hands. The video clip was posted to youtube and on twitter.

The grade 10 pupils made colouring in books and went to KELC where they spent time with the children and coloured in with them.

The grade 8 pupils are collecting toiletries for safehouses and RMAR and taking baby clothes to an orphanage.

The grade 7 pupils are collecting sanitary products for girls and soap and deodorant for boys as part of a Tshwane project for young people in Mamelodi. They made a colourful banner for Mandela day.

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