Tyger Valley College
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FEE IF PAID BY 15 Jan ’16
GRADE 000 R 44 935 R 4 085 R 42 689
GRADE 00 R 50 050 R 4 550 R 47 548
GRADE 0 R 60 280 R 5 480 R 57 266
GRADE 1 TO 3 (Includes integrated day, exercise books, textbooks, certain excursions) R 65 285 R 5 935 R 62 021
GRADE 4 TO 6 (Includes exercise books, textbooks, certain excursions) R 72 600 R 6 600 R 68 970
GRADE 7 TO 9 (Includes exercise books, textbooks, enrichment, certain excursions) R 80 575 R 7 325 R 76 547
GRADE 10 TO 11 (Includes textbooks, exercise books, local excursions) R 88 275 R 8 025 R 83 862
GRADE 12 (Includes textbooks, exercise books, local excursions) R 88 275 R 8 025 R 83 862
2017 IEB Matric Exam R 5 650
AFTER CARE R 11 715 R 1 065 R 11 130

If annual tuition fees are settled in full by the first Friday of the first College term, ie 15th January 2016, a 5% reduction on the fee is awarded (see table overleaf).

The College fee payments may be made annually or monthly in advance over 11 months. Debit orders are compulsory to streamline monthly fee collections.

The Account details are as follows for all annual fee payments only:
Innospan Investments t/a Tyger Valley College
First National Bank Centurion
Branch Code: 261550
Account number: 622 905 130 79
Always use your Customer Number, appearing on your statement, as a reference when making payments to the College.

The College requires one full term’s written notice (4 months) in the event of a parent wishing to deregister a pupil, as determined by the Parent Contract in the enrolment form signed by the parent/guardian. The submission of notice after the beginning of a term will result in the parent being liable for full fees for the following term.

We provide tours for prospective families at 09h00 and at 10h00 on

Tuesday for the Pre-Preparatory (Gr000 – Gr0)
Wednesday for Preparatory School (Gr 1-Gr 6)
Thursday for Pre Preparatory (Gr 7-Gr12)
For more information or to set up a tour date please contact Lauren McNocher at lmcnocher@tygervalleycollege.co.za or (012) 809 2879 Ext211

Applications are only processed once the Application Form, certified copies of the relevant documentation and proof of the the R750 application fee has been submitted.

The following documents must accompany each application:

  • Two ID sized colour photographs of the pupil
  • A certified copy of the pupil’s birth certificate or ID document
  • Certified copy of each parent’s ID Document
  • A copy of the pupil’s latest school report
  • A copy of all the pupil’s therapy report, where applicable
  • For non South African citizens, a residence or study permit
  • A copy of the parents’ current utility bill
  • If divorced, a copy of the court order
  • Proof of payment of the R750 application fee
  • Completed Payment Option Form

All parents wishing to enrol their children at Tyger Valley College agree that their children are allowed to complete the entrance tests necessary for placement into the appropriate grade.

Any tests, assessments or medical information and reports already in the parent’s possession pertaining to their child must accompany the enrolment forms.

Should it emerge, after acceptance to the College that any therapy reports, doctor’s diagnoses or school reports, were withheld then it will be at the discretion of the Principal to continue or terminate the pupil’s enrolment at the College.

Please note that no refund of non-refundable enrolment fees or school fees will be considered in this case.

The age at which pupils are enrolled at Tyger Valley College are as follows:

Grade 000  – the year that the pupil turns 4
Grade 00    – the year that the pupil turns 5
Grade 0      – the year that the pupil turns 6
Grade 1      – the year that the pupil turns 7
Grade 2      – the year that the pupil turns 8
Grade 3      – the year that the pupil turns 9
Grade 4      – the year that the pupil turns 10
Grade 5      – the year that the pupil turns 11
Grade 6      – the year that the pupil turns 12
Grade 7     – the year that the pupil turns 13
Grade 8     – the year that the pupil turns 14
Grade 9     – the year that the pupil turns 15
Grade 10   – the year that the pupil turns 16
Grade 11   – the year that the pupil turns 17
Grade 12   – the year that the pupil turns 18

Grade 000-0 do not have to do an assessment however, Grade 0 pupils have a baseline assessment in year preceeding their enrolment into Tyger Valley College.

Prospective pupils from Gr1-12 are required to do an assessment with our Educational Psychologist for the appropriate grade.

Once the results from the assessment have been processed, parents are contacted telephonically to confirm acceptance of their child. This is followed up by a letter of acceptance.

Once the acceptance letter has been received the non-refundable enrolment fee of R15 000 for first child and/or R7 500 for second child is payable. Pupils joining us in Grade 10-12 pay a R7 500 non-refundable enrolment fee. (See College Fees tab on our website for further information.)