Tyger Valley College


The Academic Enrichment Centre (AEC) at Tyger Valley College exists to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide support that facilitates maximum independent learning.
  • To assist in the emotional, behavioural and social development of the learner.
  • To provide remediation in key learning areas such as mathematics, spelling, reading and language.
  • To initiate preventative intervention at an early age by an assessment of each learner entering into the school from Grade 1 onwards. This takes place on enrolment into the school in the form of a school readiness assessment for prospective Grade 1s and a placement assessment for older learners.
  • To monitor learning progress through all school phases.
  • To provide school-based occupational therapy and speech therapy within an interdisciplinary approach.
  • To strengthen communication between school, therapist and parent to ensure understanding among all role players.
  • To include annual assessments including school readiness for Grade 0 learners, subject choice for Grade 9 learners and career development for Grade 11 learners as part of the school services offered to learners in those respective grades.
  • To support learners with study methods and test taking skills.

The Vision Statement of AEC is to be a centre that is responsible for facilitating the implementation of programmes that will serve to encourage learners to utilise their talents, enhance their skills and experience self confidence. A fundamental belief is shared in promoting equity by acknowledging that all students learn differently and attempts should therefore be made at understanding their thinking, learning and behaviour patterns.

In summary the following support is provided by the AEC of Tyger Valley College:

  • Psychological well-being (emotional, behavioural, mental and social)
  • Learning support and remediation to individuals and small groups
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

The AEC team members at Tyger Valley College are as follows:

Christelle Huddle: Educational Psychologist
Marga Barnard : Educational Psychologist

Lindy Calmeyer: Learning Support Educator

Jacqueline de Beer: Speech Therapist

Christine Glen-Spyron: Occupational Therapist

Dalene Joubert: Occupational Therapist

About Us

Tyger Valley College is a member of the Centurus Colleges Group that brings together exceptional resources in education and provides exciting, value-added components to the curriculum.

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